Thursday, January 27, 2011

You make me feel like i'm living a teenage a dream...

Katy Perry & OPI Collaboration
OPI has been collaborating with celebrities quite often these days: Justin Bieber, Serena Williams, and now Katy Perry. The collection consists of 5 polishes. I picked up one of the five. One being 'Teenage Dream" and have the hopes of picking up black shatter, another polish from the line.

Teenage Dream
Teenage dream is transparent cotton candy pink packed with multicolored glitter. The glitter comes in large, small, and medium chunks.. no discrimination here. It is the epitome of all things girly. Something Barbie or Hello Kitty would have on their nails.
excuse the cuticles, I live where heat doesn't exist.

The polish applies really easily, and goes opaque in about 2 coats. Once dried the glitters are definitely big enough to feel them on your nails. Think the texture of sandpaper, but not too harsh.  

Am I the only one who plays retro video games?
I can't stop looking at my nails as I type, its going to take some elbow grease to remove this polish. Glitter polishes are notorious for difficult removal.  But this is well worth the challenge.

Tip: Try taking it off with a piece of felt soaked in polish remover.

I have a hunch this polish may sell out just like Mad as a Hatter from OPI-Alice in Wonderland Collection.

Let me know if you guys pick up anything from this collection or any other polishes!


  1. love this! i actually might purchase teenage dream (or secretly just borrow yours). I'm still looking out for our black shatter.

    ps. you are not alone. I own a gameboy color in lime green HOLLA!!! pokemon GOLD & mario!

  2. anytime lovely, the hunt for black shatter continues!

    Whaaat?! Pokemon Gold! I borrowed a guy friend my Pokemon blue & haven't gotten it back :( Donkey Kong has been my favorite as of now.

  3. OMG!! I miss that!! GAMEBOY! Super MArio :)

  4. You know! Love the old school games :)


  6. Isn't it fab! Its like being a little girl all over again.

  7. oh snap! i used to have that freaking gameboy, i loved it soooooo! uhhhh lol oh yea great post, lol

  8. LOL the gameboy is a keeper. I'll never let it go :)


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