Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshots 03.

one. Yes, this Sunday Snapshot is faceless, I've been sick all week & will save you all the agony of seeing me at the moment.

two. The sickness also explains the lack of posts this week, I had quite a few planned out, that hopefully I will get out this week. I've been sick 2/3 weeks this month, can a girl catch a break?!?

three. I've been living in this sweatshirt all week, gross? Its been washed, I'm not that NASTY. I love it and not because Drake wore it, I was on it before he showed all of Toronto at J.Cole's Concert. It just simply a good ol' Canadian classic.

four. I've been wanting to do something different with my hair, urgh. When I feel like this I usually cut it. Even though I've been growing it out, I know i'll end up cutting it, only to regret it. Well, if I do there will be pics!

five. A friend put me on a nice little poem that I've grown to love, I'll leave you with that :)



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