Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Still I Rise

I've been on a little bit of a poetry kick, my poet of the day is Maya Angelou. Still I Rise has been the poem running through my mind. Its simply lovely. 
Sadly, the school slump continues on...
3 cheers for my hair co-operating today, its as if it knew I wanted to cut it.
 Ralph Lauren Vintage Men's Denim Shirt
H&M Lace Shirt
Kleenex in hand :)
Roots over the Knee Tribe Leather Boots
Love the contrast of feminine lace & a oversized men's shirt

This is another outfit post for a day at Uni. I'm going to try and do OOTD from various days to show a variety of outfits for different occasions. I had to wear real boots today since there was quite a bit of snow, which meant the Roots boots came out. They're supposed to be over the knee but my legs are quite long so they don't quite reach, shame. The leather on these boots are such quality, they're a little steep in price but more of an investment (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself).

Wilfred Jacket with cropped sleeves & high collar.

The black beaded bracelets are my new favorite pieces, custom made by an amazing designer. My brother and I have matching ones, its a little cute :)

Got some reviews written, will post throughout the week, Cheers my friends!

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