Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clarisonic Review: Update

I've been putting off writing this update because I wanted to be uber sure that I gave an accurate review. I've been using the system for about 2 weeks now. Overall I'm very pleased with the Clarisonic Mia. Be for-warned this is a long wordy post, which is necessary to give a in-depth review.

What I wanted from the Mia:
  • smooth skin
  • glowy/radiant skin
  • deep cleanse my skin
  • work along with my skin care items to make them work better
  • 1 million dollars (a girl can dream right!) 
What I got with the Mia:
  • All of the above! Minus the million dollars of course
Overall Thoughts:
I have oil/combo skin, in the winter a bit drier on the cheeks. The clarisonic totally took care of the dry patches, with its gentle exfoliation. Overall it made my skin more balanced because it allowed my night cream to work more effectively by allowing it to absorb into my pores. Which in turn meant my dry patches were actually hydrated and banished! It has left my skin SUPER soft/smooth.

Makeup Removal
The machine works amazing at removing makeup. Ladies, it is essential to get ALL your makeup off at night. It will only causes breakouts & other skin issues. This system deep cleans your skin, the kind of deep clean that removes makeup even AFTER you've used a traditional makeup removing method (wipes, cleaners, oils etc.) I actually no longer feel 'clean' until I use my clarisonic to get everything off my face. I can really see those who suffer from acne and breakout benefiting from this.

The cleanser that came with the system to be honest was rubbish. I didn't like it at all so I won't be using it. I currently use it with Cetaphil but I am planning on using it with a cleanser that foams. I feel like it could be much more affective that way. I also place the cleanser on my face opposed to on the brush because I prefer that cleaning method.

 The only real negative I have about the machine is that it comes with a 'sensitive' brush head. I do not have sensitive skin so I feel like the brush is not as effective as a 'normal' brush head could be. I wish there was an option to choose which brush head you'd like to get when you buy the system. On a brighter note, after talking to Yinka via twitter I purchased a 'normal' brush head from ebay for WAY cheaper!

Caring for your Mia
The machine can be used in the shower since it is waterproof. My foundation tends to stain the white bristles so I clean it once a day with Dr. Bronner Peppermint soap. Its an all natural soap and gets the bristles squeaky clean without damaging them.
I also detach my bush head at night and store it with the cap on, bristles facing down, to allow the excess water to drain out. I've heard if you do not mildew can begin to form & that just opens another can of skin care worms.

Safe to say this has joined my skin care army!

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  1. We also recommend that you wash your brush head once a week with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. This will ensure that the system does not mildew. Thank you so much for sharing your Clarisonic experience. We are happy you found a brush head and cleansing routine that works great for you. If you have any other questions we are here to help. On Twitter @Clarisonic and facebook.com/Clarisonic. Cheers!


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