Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sigma Sigmax Brushes Review

I purchased some Sigma brushes about a month ago and decided to add my opinion to the other opinions floating around in the blogosphere.

First, I have to hands down give Sigma koodos for their customer service. I purchased a brush when the company first came to my attention about two years ago. Later on the brush head came loose from the handle. It turned me off the whole company. When making an order for my new brushes I mentioned my past experience. Sigma kindly enough sent me a brand new replacement of the brush that was damaged. I was blown away by how easy it was. They are a company that definitely is set out to make their customers happy.
Brand new F50 replacement brush.
Sigma has come out with a line of three brushes called the Sigmax HD line. The collection consists of three synthetic brushes that you can buy individually or in a set.

Sigma has been compared to MAC brushes quite frequently. But these new brushes have no MAC comparison and are in my opinion amazing quality. In fact the F82- Round Top Kabuki  has replaced my MAC 109 for applying/buffing foundation.

Sigma F82- Round Top Kabuki


I use this brush to buff in foundation and concealer. It is small enough to fit around the nose and under the eyes.
This brush creates flawless/realistic looking skin. It is perfect for cream and liquid foundation.
It can also be used to buff in cream blush to create a seamless application. No one wants to leave the house looking like a clown!

If you have dry skin, be careful not to over buff because it will only emphasizes dry patches on your skin. Make sure to moisturize well and this will be your best friend :)

F80- Flat Top Kabuki


I currently use this brush on my powder foundation days. I use a pressed powder and this brush allows for adequate coverage which can be hard to achieve with a powder foundation.

You can use any brush for whatever you want! The MAC 109 is not a foundation brush, it is advertised as a contour brush. The same goes with these brushes. Use them as you please to create you own desired looks.

 Quite Simply, these brushes retail at a great price in comparison to other higher-end companies. The quality far surpasses the price. There is another brush in the Sigmax brush line that I do not own. 
Take a peep it here.

Remember ladies, brushes are your tools to achieve beautiful make-up looks, great tools make great looks. Invest in quality and I guarantee you will notice a difference! Keep 'em clean by using a mild baby shampoo once a week.

I may do an overview on my brush collection, interested? Let me know :)



  1. I really want to get some sigma brushes, and their much more affordable than the MAC ones, aren't they. I've only got one MAC brush, 224, a blending brush, but don't think I will be buying any MAC brushes in the future, because every time I use it, it sheds and for how much they cost I think that's unacceptable. Maybe that's just me, what do you think?...x


  2. The Sigma brushes are great quality for the price. I also have the MAC 224, it doesn't shed too much. I find that it sheds more when used with liquids/creams since it was intended for powder. Try using a bit of hair conditioner on your brush hairs that may help with the shedding.

  3. love your blog, you´re sooo pretty !!! ♥

  4. Thanks! Checked out your blog as well :) follow to keep update x.

  5. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Finally a black women that can teach me about make up! :D It's so hard to get good tipps when you live in a community of a majority of whites.
    Must and will follow!
    Love Lois

  6. Lois :)
    Thanks so much for the support girl! If you have any special request let me know xo

  7. That makes sense now, because I do use with liquids, thanks for the advice..x

  8. Those sigma brushes are pure gold for women who wear makeup occasionally (for a night on the town) makes it so easy for us.

    Lovely blog, btw <3
    Love, Brittany


  9. Thank you for this post! Really helped me out :)

  10. Promise, no problem girl.

    Glad I was of help Alex, hope to see you again on some other posts:)

    Brittany, I totally agree with you with the brushes :) x


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