Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshots 04.

yes, this picture was taken same day as 'trend lips' post.

one. The weather has been too cold to function. I'm taking -17 celcius and when you factor in wind chill in the -20s. That is about -4 Fahrenheit! I'm just about sick of the snow also. Its safe to say I am indoors as much as possible and have been wearing not the most fashionable clothing items to keep me warm.

two.  Trying to pull together an outfit for a friend's birthday is not looking promising at the moment. I planned on wearing a skirt but the weather is telling me "no bueno". I'm thinking black lace now. Is that option even warmer?! So the quest continues...

three. I am currently hunting down OPI/Katy Perry Collaboration nail polishes. I NEED black shatter & Teenage Dream in my nail polish colection.

four. I head to a new hairdresser this week, hoping for a bit of a cut/style. I'll post depending on how it goes :)

five. I have a reading on corporate crime waiting to be highlighted, so with that I'm signing out.



  1. That is so incredibly cold- I can't even comprehend that. It's 30 degrees where I am! I like your blog :)

  2. ooh I'm very jealous that you have that amazing weather in Australia. Thanks darling, if you like please follow x.


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