Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshots 06.

Hair Curled with a Le Angelique Curling Wand.

one. Its a BIRD, Its a PLANE, NO! Its MAC WONDER WOMAN packaging. I personally love it. I've heard most people describe it as 'Toys R Us' makeup. I wasn't expecting anything too classy a la Chanel, so I like the fact that it is something different and not so 'normal'. I mean its based on a super hero, how classy/fancy will it get?! The lipstick I got was Russian Red curtosy of a surprise from my lovely brother.

two. On my nails is OPI San Tan-Tonio, its a nude-caramel color that I love at the moment. I may put black shatter over it, but I'm scared it won't look too pretty. Maybe after wearing the manicure for a few days. Or maybe just put the shatter over my ring fingernail...? watcha think?

three. I booked my flights to EUROPE! WOOT WOOT! CHYEAAA! You get the point, I'm excited. I'm going to be in Lisbon, Madrid, and Paris for 3 weeks in the month of May. I can't wait, I'm practically bubbling over as I type this.

four. umm, so don't judge me. But I am a Belieber. Justin Bieber is just the cutest little thing ever. So its only natural that tomorrow I'm going to go see 'Never say Never' with a few girlfriends. I know its Valentine's day & all, but seeing as I'm not celebrating it I may as well have a great day with a few ladies I love. 
Anyone else as old as me love JB?

Adios Amigos


  1. :) Awesome Haulage lady ! I saw the nail lacquer as well and was thinking of purchasing it. I need a new nude polish in my life, and I think this is going to be the one!

  2. Great haul, lady! I'm not sure what I want from the Wonder Woman collection yet.

    Eeee, you're going to Europe in May! The weather will be gorgeous at that time of the year :) xx

  3. Ricquetta, the polish would look so FAB with your skin tone. It would actually be perfect and it applies opaque in two coats unlike other nudes.

    DesignerSpray, I was worried about the weather, I'm so glad its going to be great, I actually can not wait :)

  4. oh kool, u got the WONDER WOMAN lacquer! from Nordstorm, rite?
    i like your blog! check mine out:


  5. hey.. I love it.. I will follow.. BTW I live in Toronto.. So I think i found my new blog best..! lol.. well say hello to your new blog follower..! great job!!

  6. Thanks Ladies!

    Alisha, thanks for the follow its nice to have a fellow TO blogger.


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