Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Top 10 MAC Eyeshadows

I told a bit of a fib in the title. 9 are MAC the other one is NARS but it can easily be duplicated with a MAC eyeshadow. I'm a neutral shadow lover, but will wear color every now and then to liven things up. Below are the chosen ones :)

Shadows are swatched in same order as list below.

Nars: FEZ (Similar to MAC Bronze)
>Fez, like most NARS shadows is beyond amazing for pigmentation, smooth, soft and blendable. This color is a brown-bronze that looks great as a lid color paired with carbon in the crease for a bronze smokey eye.

Saddle - Matte
 >Golden tan color, great for all over the lid in a neutral everyday look. But works best as a transition color (between the crease color and highlight color) for my skin tone .

Glamour Check! (LE) - Starflash (Similar to MAC Antiqued)
 > Reddish/Ash brown shadow with pearl. Works well with most neutral shadows.

Folie - Satin
> Reddish brown but much lighter than Embark and much more red. Great for adding warm tones to the crease for any eye look.

Smut - Velvet
>Black/Grey with red/purple undertones. Looks great all over the lid for instant smokey/sultry eyes. Or in the crease to darken up another shadow

Woodwinked - Veluxe Pearl
> Warm gold color, a go-to shadow for WOC. Looks great paired with Embark.

Club - Satin
>Possibly MAC's most unique shadow. It appears a reddish brown but gives of a green sheen. When placed on a black base gives of a green/brown pearl finish. A MUST-HAVE in my opinion.

Embark - Matte
> Reddish brown shadow, I use this to fill in my brows & contour. Its very versatile & great to darken up the crease for a daytime smokey eye.

Deep Truth - Frost
>Dark blue, that really works to it's full potential with a black or navy eyeshadow base.

Carbon - Matte
>Black shadow, perfect for smokey eyes, or as liner. I use this ALOT, as you can see from the picture.

Top Row: Glamour Check!, Woodwinked, Saddle, Carbon 2nd Row: Folie, Smut, Club, Embark End: Deep Truth Top: Fez



  1. Oooo I must get fez! I've also been eyeing Mekong for a while, and can you believe I do not have deep truth!!! :S I need to buy that one too.

  2. You need it! Deep Truth paired with shadowy lady is so nice! Such a pretty smokey night eye, try it out :)

  3. great swatches! I love the smokey! perefection!
    im so gonna follow ya!
    bad ass blog

  4. Thanks for the follow, glad to see you're enjoying the posts :)


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