Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dorcas' Diary : Power of Positivty

I'm currently dreaming of Paris - Source: Holly Go Lightly

As I sit here listening to Bach, I felt rather inspired to write. Or maybe its just the fact that I'm avoiding my social psychology textbook in front of me. But for whatever reason I've decided to write a post that is non fashion related nor beauty.

About a two years ago I made a conscious choice to change the manner in which I think. I found myself like many people, surround by negative people, drowning in negative thoughts, and with an overall negative outlook on all situations. Basically I was bitter, ALL the time.  Negative Nancy, Bitter Betty, Debbie Downer & whatever quirky name you could think of, that was me.
I slowly realized that I had to cut ties with the way I was leading my life. And so began my path on positivity.

Just by changing the way you approach situations with a positive mindset, makes a huge difference. I have a quote on my blackberry background that sums up the way I want to live life.

"Surround yourself with positive thinking, positive energy, positive people & the Love of God & all shall be well"

Pay it forward, we're all incredibly blessed. Take a second to actually think about how lucky you are to live the life you do. By no means can you be happy always, in fact sadness in moderation is quite healthy.

"Do not ever doubt the power of a positive affirmation"

Trying not to sound too preachy, I'll now be off to tackle some course work.
Enjoy your week!


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