Friday, February 4, 2011

In/Out/Loving/Getting Into/Photo

Got this idea from Em's blog and tweeked it a bit to my liking. Was going to to do an in/out post. But I like this one better :)

  • Uggs - No matter how 'ugly' they are where I live they are basically essential for warm toes. On my 'bum' days they are a staple
  • Vera Wang Rock Princess - Girly/Edgy. Enough said. 
  • High Wasted jeans- I love the brand Cheap Monday.
  • Cold weather
  • Being busy with school
  • My brows- I have a horrible habit of pulling out my lashes/brows when doing school readings. I finally got a beautician to fix them up and make them match as much as possible. Before that they were terrible.
  • My hair- playing with new styles, healthy hair in general.
  • Progress in Relationships- Its always nice to see new relationships heading into productive and positive ones.
  • The new hobby of blogging + the blogging community.

Getting Into
  • Bold Lips- The brighter the better!
  • False lashes- starting to finally get the hang of putting them on myself & others. I have the curliest lashes known to man, They curl over back onto themselves which makes lash glue an issue. Finally figured a way to avoid the mess.
  • Food- I've been making reservations with friends to try new restaurants/dining experiences. Next up: Dining in the dark! Your whole dinner is served to you in darkness, under the assumption that when you loose one sense the other senses are heightened to experience food in a new way.
  • Highlighters- inner corner eye highlights and cheek bone highlights. Products like MAC cream color base in 'Improper Copper' & Nars Albatross & MAC Naked Deep Dark Pigment.

Vest from Zara Sale. This is a pic from a failed OOTD post. Its a great piece but doesn't photograph well. Its going to look great over light color dresses/skirts in the summer.

What are you loving/getting into these days?! Let me know I'd love to get some inspiration.


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