Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beauty Basics: MAC Eyeshadow Finishes

Starting with the basics, MAC shadows come in 7 finishes. Eyeshadow finishes effect the way the pigment applies onto the lid. Some colors may look pretty to the eye but the finish can completely change the color pay-off.
    In the past MAC has come out with the Starflash finish as well as the Mega Metal finish, which are limited edition.

    My Everyday MAC palette

    This shadow finish works best when layered for ultimate pigmentation. The shadows contain flecks that reflect light and give a frost finish.

    Veluxe & Veluxe Pearl: 
    Butter soft shadows! A dream to work with and blend easily. Full pigmentation. This finish is my favorite of the bunch from MAC. Veluxe Pearl shadows have more of a metallic sheen which is the main difference from veluxe finishes.

    These shadows have no shine, shimmer, or reflects to them. They can be a bit trickier to blend when using in a look.

    Have definite shimmer particles within the shadow that reflect light, which make them so pretty to wear. But they usually take a few layers to apply to full pigmentation and are prone to fall-out.

    Satin finish doesn't contain glitter but isn't fully matte either. It just satin-y in texture, similar to the finish of silk, but doesn't give of wet look (does that make sense?)

    Soft finish and apply well with pigmentation. Not too sparkly. This is another one of my favorite finishes.

    Starflash shadows are similar to veluxe pearl shadows but softer & more pigmented. So when these come out in limited edition collections, grab them up!

    Mega Metal:
    Smooth, creamy,  and blendable shadows that give off a metallic sheen when applied to the lid. According to MAC they're crease resistant. Not sure how true this is, I would still apply all shadows with a base/primer.

    The great thing about MAC is the great selection & the price. Yes, they are pricier than drug store shadows but for higher end makeup they are at the more affordable end of the spectrum.

    Hope this helped! I have a post on top ten shadows coming soon :)


    1. You have an awesome colledction!
      Will you be doing a post on lippies aswell? Would be cool.

    2. Will add your request to my list and try and tackle a favorite lipstick post. Thanks for the suggestion/request I appreciate readers input x.


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