Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Top Five Blushes

After the last post I'm now back to regular scheduled programming. 
When it comes to blushes I have a few that I use constantly & in rotation, so I don't own too many. I actually only own two from MAC's permanent line & a few from LE collections. NARS as a whole wins in the Blush department IMO, way more pigmented and smoother application. 
Below are my top picks from my collection:

Clockwise starting from Taj Mahal (Orange Blush)


one. NARS: Taj Mahal

 Yes, this beautiful blush broke when I dropped it but I put it back together because I love it. Its a vibrant orange/tangerine color with gold sheen running through. Its a color that looks drop dead gorgeous on dark skin but I've seen it add warmth and glow to even the lightest of skin tones. Its extremely pigmented so a little bit goes a long way. A great spring/summer color since orange/coral have been on runways lately.

two. NARS: Albatross

 This blush looks so lack luster in the pan. It looks like it would make my skin an ashy-mess. But the white powder transforms into a golden sheen on the skin. If you get a chance go swatch it in a store. It works great as a cheek highlighter or layered over another blush all over the cheek for a glow. Again this is another color that works for all skin tones.

three. MAC: Fleur Power

Fleur Power is a matte pink/coral blush. I pull this out when the mood strikes. This is another pigmented blush which makes it work for light to dark skin tones depending on the way you apply.

four. MAC: Raizin 

If you are a WOC & you don't own this blush, go and ask for forgiveness now. This is a staple. I think every time a black woman goes into MAC this blush is recommended. Its stunning. Its natural, but adds definition. Its a matte reddish-brown that can be used everyday.

five: NARS: Gina

Another matte blush is Gina, its a peachy/tangerine color that requires a bit more effort to show up on dark skin. But if your lighter than me & on the hunt for a peach blush, this is the one to get. I would say a must-have for medium skin tones. It adds warmth without being overpowering and looks great layered with Taj Mahal.

Raizin, Fleur Power, Taj Mahal, Gina, Albatross
The swatches are skewing the coloring off a bit, the colors look most accurate in the first picture. 
 Anyone have good recommendations for blushes from other brands? Would love to expand my collection.



  1. I don't own NARS Taj Mahal because I own the Mediteranee Duo that has the orange that is almost identical to the blush..but when I apply it on my cheeks it is love. I have to hundred percent agree with both Albatross and Fleur Power as some of my favourites! I own gina but don't reach for it often even though its a pretty shade. Great choices :D

  2. I've actually only used blush once (my boss requested it; I used to host a morning show and she said I looked washed out) but I've seen some people pull it off really nicely; other times, not so much. It's kind of like I'm too nervous to try because I really don't know how to use it. :(

    Castle Fashion

  3. wow! I think i just fell in love with that taj mahal blush! It will be perfect for spring!! eeeeeeek!! :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta


  4. Ricquetta, I've never really looked at the eyeshadow duo, but its makes sense and save money too.

    Yasmeen, blush can brighten up your whole face, it best when applied lightly as to not give the 'clown' effect. Don't be nervous about it, just remember a little can go a long way :)

    Onyxsta, Taj Mahal will look great on your skin tone x.

  5. My sister has been trying to get me into blush cause, to be honest, I always use the same colour xD Love the look of Raizin and Taj Mahal xx

  6. I am a blusher lover! My first ever was 47 Orange Brown by Korres. Now I own MAC's Razin & DollyMix, NARS Orgasm, Exhibit A and Taj Majah arrives this week. I All have Iman's Posh duo.

  7. Misha, you must try one of those two blushes. They look great on WOC.

    Kerissa, I'm going to check out Iman blushes & Korres as well. Thanks for suggestions. x

  8. you need nars exhibit A, its such a nice colour!


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