Saturday, February 5, 2011

Style Spotlight 001 : Wedges

Aldo Wedges
Starting a little blog series called style spotlight. Basically anything I'm interested in style/fashion wise.
I love wedges, these are my favorite pair. If clogs & Wedges were to have babies, these shoes would be their glory child. Kar over at She Tokes She Speaks put together  a sweet little picture post on some beautiful wedges. 
Since I live in a freezer I'm unable to wear these at the moment. I'm thinking of pairing them with some knee high socks, come early spring. Any suggestion to wear these in colder weather? I'm also on the hunt for some cute wedge booties, suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)



  1. awww D, thanks so much for featuring me OMG i just got new wedge booties today too :)

    ps. black shatter is waiting for you @ work

  2. These are one of my favs by Aldo, but I was very skeptical on buying them. They are on sale now, so maybe I will

    Prissy (Rush Our Fashion)


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