Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favorite Lipsticks

Night Violet, Up the Amp, Roman Holiday, & Girl About Town

I love lipstick,  bold, brights, nudes... All OF THEM :) These are my top picks from my collection. I wear these the most & can always rely on them to look great.

I'm also looking to purchase MAC Vegas Volt & MAC Impassioned very soon.

L-R Mousse, Half n Half, Fresh Brew & Touch

 MAC Lipstick - Girl About Town
 Girl About Town is a bright fuchsia in the amplified cream formula. It applies opaque & does stain the lips. As it wears off during the day, you'll still have some pigmentation on your lips.

MAC Lipstick - Up The Amp
This lipstick is a amplified cream formula. Which means it applies opaque but has some moisturizing properties.  The color is a lavender violet but shows up more pink on my skin tone.

NARS Lipstick - Roman Holiday
This is my favorite lipstick in all my collection. Beats out my reds & nudes! NARS lipsticks are a higher price point but worth the price. They're moisturizing and apply evenly. This color is the sheer formula but still applies with pigmentation. 
MAC Mattene Lipstick - Night Violet
This was a limited edition shade, I wrote about it in this post. Its a great matte berry lip, that adds instant edge.

MAC Lipstick - Fresh Brew
A lustre formula which means it is not very opaque and has a glossy finish to it. The color is a great nude for WOC. Its a light creamy coffee color.

MAC Lipstick - Touch
Another lustre & another great nude for WOC but this lipstick runs more brown/red than Fresh Brew.

MAC Lipstick - Half n Half
Worn in this post, this lipstick is one of my favorite go to colors. This is a pink/brown/nude color in the amplified cream formula.

MAC Slimshine - Mousse
This is a slimshine formula which has been discontinued from MAC's permanent line. Its a true brown color & SUPER glossy. If a lipstick & lipgloss were to have a baby, this would be the result.

L-R Fresh Brew, Touch, Half n Half & Mousse

I'm looking for more BRIGHT colors for summer & vacation. Recommendations?



  1. Night Violet mattene looks gorgeous on you. You should totally get current lip liner :D Perfect for dark lips and also for fuchsia!

  2. soooo pretty i love them what great colours!

  3. i love the nudes!! great choice of color!!

  4. i need some new lipsticks but i don't think i'm brave enough for those bright colours, i wish i was tho, those colours are gorgeous!

  5. Ricquetta, added current to my list, would love to pair it with Up The Amp.

    Antonette & Nikki, Thanks Girls! x

    Dionne, you must try a bright, maybe blot it down so its not as pigmented, but with your skin tone you could rock it easily.

  6. girl about town is one mof my faves!

    you have great taste!


  7. Hi,

    Loving your lipsticks picks!! Very nice. Wanted to invite you to check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other if you like?


  8. Hey, i love the purple ones♥

  9. those are very pretty colors :)

  10. great lipsticks. love the nude ones.


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