Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 11.

Told you I was in bed :)

one. I'm sitting in bed watching YouTube videos, surprisingly not makeup ones, SHOCK. I just hosted about 15 people at my place so I'm just relaxing a bit. I really should be writing a conclusion & introduction for my essay due tomorrow. Am I the only one who writes introductions last? Its worked for 4 years, I won't change now :)

two. Super long week, my mom finally got back home from vacation & I'm glad I no longer have to plan meals on top of school work and going to work :) I'm such a mommy's girl!

three. Less than a month less until I write my last uni exam. I have tons of due dates these next two weeks. But the end is so close. I cannot wait! It doesn't help that my mom brought me back the most FABULOUS dress for graduation & that Europe is creeping up on me.

four. Its pretty hard for me to do OOTD post regularly. Would you guys mind/like OOTD videos? Its just easier to show on camera, let me know. I can do videos & fit in picture OOTD when I have more time.

five. I'm really feeling the 90's look. Kar  & I want snapbacks & I really want Moesha/Solange braids :)


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