Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 10.

too happy to function :)

one. Happiness continues this week. Cheers to that.

two. This week I'm starting a diet/fitness regimine. Really because of my vacation, but also because it will only help me to get in shape. I used to run & I'm wanting that runner's body back.

three. The earthquake in Japan totally put things in perspective for me. Life is short, are your ways right? Take a second to pray for those in Japan. If you can, make sure to donate where possible.

four. I drink coffee now like its my full-time job. I'm terrified of staining my teeth, but I NEED it with school & work to keep me going. There are never enough hours in the day.

five. This may be a slow blog week, warning in advance. But you may just get surprise though :)

Have a Good Week



  1. OMG i have been drinking coffee often lately and like you i am SCARED TO DEATH of staining my teeth lool i work hard on my teeth to keep them the way they are haha

  2. i hear you on the diet/fitness regime... i ran for the bus the other day and could have sworn i got a collapsed lung!

    lovely portrait, as usual :)

  3. Antonette, I may just have to become 'that girl' that drinks her coffee through a straw :s

    Jacquie, I'm the same way. The outward body is deceiving I need a good work out for my heart.

  4. You are sooo beautiful..I love your blog...Keep the posts comoing

  5. Thanks so much Laurely, I'll try my best to post regularly :)


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