Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 13.

Lucky 13.

Nope there are not 13 pictures, no need to count.
But this was a bit of my week, switched up the Sunday snapshot structure.

one. I did a bit of babysitting, its safe to say I am sure I am not ready to be a mother anytime soon.
two. my last early morning trek to uni.
three. studying solo on campus.
four. It was my cousin's birthday so I got her some brogues. I have the same pair in another color.
five. Coffee on deck, gotta love the mug.
six. cupcakes, yum.
seven. STACKED! I'm loving mixing metals/textures & excessive bracelets.
eight. counting down the days till take off, tickets are printed & ready.
nine. My boy toy- Tigger <3


  1. lol baby sitting always gives me the chills, I'm so over protective and scared half to takes a lot to be a mother for sure.

  2. liking this post :)
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on BLEURGH

    BLEURGH & Xisses

  3. Ahah, I understand your fear about motherhood. I'm so overprotective as well.
    Lovely photos and cute brouges.

    Emilia, xo

  4. Where are you off to Missy? ;-)


  5. love the boats/deck shoes
    x x

  6. Thanks Ladies, Shar I'm off to Spain, France and Portugal :)


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