Friday, April 29, 2011

Foundation Review : MAC Face & Body


Price: 39$
Size:120mL/4Fl oz.
Coverage: Light/Sheer Coverage
Finish: Dew/Natural
Color Choices: 13 Shades


Let me start of by saying that I have an oily skin type that becomes more of combination skin in the colder months. I suffer from very few break outs, a spot here and there every few months. But I do have a bit of uneven skin tone, with slight hyper pigmentation around the mouth area. I LOVED this foundation until a warm day, and now it's somewhat mediocre. Read on...

MAC Face and Body is a light water based foundation, that applies to the skin more like a tinted moisturizer. It is easy to blend, and applies well with fingers or a brush (I use my sigma brush). If you have problematic skin, excessive redness or scarring this will not provide adequate coverage. The product provides little coverage, but can be built up slightly if desired. Use this with a concealer if you have a few spots to cover up. This basically makes already good skin, GREAT skin.

The Foundation offers a dewy/healthy glow finish to the skin, which is great for those with normal skin. Those with oilier skin types can powder after application, but the foundation offers no oil control, so be aware you may look like an oil slick. It will work for oilier skin types better in winter or in conjunction with other mattifying products.

The color range is great, you should be able to find your match for your skin tone. I wear the darkest color; N9. Since the foundation is such light coverage you can wear a shade darker or lighter without noticing much difference because it will still blend in well.

The price is a bit steep but still cheaper than other high end foundations like Nars & Chanel. But you do get quite a bit of product, most foundations are 1oz while F&B comes in at 4oz.

NOTE: This is of course a body foundation as well, so if it doesn't work well for your face, use it on your body. Great for use on legs (airbrushed legs anyone?) and chest to make them look flawless for a special occasion or a night out. You can also choose a slightly darker shade to provide a 'fake tan' look on your body.

Best Match:

Those with normal skin, who have few skin issues are best matched for this foundation.

Repurchase? - I love this for cooler days when I want a very natural look. But I would not repurchase, I'd rather opt for my usual foundation mixed with moisturizer for a lighter coverage. This product adds too much glow for my oily skin.



  1. I've been thinking of trying this. I shall try it soon!


  2. You should at least get a sample of it for sure!

  3. Hmm, I might have to start consulting you about my make-up choices from now on. lol. You make me wish I was more into all this Dorcas!

  4. haha come with question, I'll try and answer :)


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