Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 12.

one. Yes, I'm alive & currently a bad blogger.

two. Next Sunday I write my last uni exam & then I'm officially done my undergrad, excuse me while I dance and celebrate *woot woot*

three. I got featured over on this lovely blog, please take some time & check it out. If you're into hair care, esp black hair care it's a good place to be.

four. LG Fashion Week was this week & amazing. Yes, I was busy with exams, but I made time to catch about 5 different designers. Will post about it soon.

five. Radom, I love MAC Face & Body Foundation.

six. I've decided that Sunday Snapshot won't happen every week but just when I feel like it. My blog is a creative outlet, so when I feel creative or feel like writing, I'll blog. Simple concept,why did it take me so long to figure out. I want to enjoy the blogging journey as much as possible.

seven. This week I'm picking up the iphone4 BYEBYE blackberry.


  1. Really pretty photo! I can't even see your whole jacket but I love what I can see lol! And I am assuming you are Nigerian from your name lol, I am too :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  2. Nooooo don't leave the blackberry..its only the best phone ever! I've used both and I love my bbm. Nice blog, ok enough talking i'm going to go read some more ;)

  3. Your so pretty! Just found your blog & I love it!

  4. Dee, yes I'm Nigerian, the name is an immediate giveaway :) The jacket is love, may have it in an upcoming post!

    Tinu, I've switched and I won't lie, I love it. I miss bbm a bit but I'm sure the feeling will pass.

    Morgan, thanks so much girl, glad your enjoying reading, hope you continue to :)

  5. LOVE the jacket! love the hair...

    i love having both a BB and iPhone...i dont think there is anything better!


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