Monday, July 4, 2011

Hair Diaries: Heat Free Styling

The Hairy Truth
To keep hair healthy it is best to keep manipulation minimal. This includes excessive heat, from blow drying, flat ironing, curling etc. For me this is the hardest thing to do. The amount of styles you can create with  heat tools are endless. So when it comes to heat-less styling creativity comes in. Heat dries out hair and causes unnecessary breakage and split -ends. I try to only use heat on my hair once a month.

Hair Me Out 

There are many way to add curls and get your hair straight without using heat. The process is longer and it will not be exactly the same as using heat tools, but its pretty darn close.

I LOVE big hair. Big curly hair? Even better. No heat? I'm beyond chuffed! Here is how I achieve it all.

Basics: The initial foundation of all these styles is a Bantu-Knot Out. I part my hair in 4 sections and Bantu-knot each one over night. A bantu knot is formed by twisting the hair and wrapping it around itself as you twist, forming the knot. Secure the loose end with a bobby-pin. I personally do not apply any product to my hair, because I want body and movement.


The next morning I let them down and switch my part to a side part. After a little whipping my hair back and forth and finger combing I get this look:

TIP: The smaller your bantu-knots the tighter your curls.


Big Curls. The bigger the better, fluff it up as much as your like! To maintain this specific look, re do your bantu knots each night, so the curls keep their form.

Style Side Note:  
You can create a great messy summer up-do. Which I did but didn't picture. Gather the back of your hair and secure with bobby-pins or spin pins, and leave out your side swept bang. Don't bother being neat when gathering the back, in my opinion it looks best a little messy.


 As the days pass your curls will fall. This style is great for days 2 or 3. Pinning one side of you hair to the side and letting the curls fall is an effortless look.


The last style is the fishtail braid that is getting quite popular. Again, I enjoy messy hair, so the braid is not neat and the curls add texture. By this day the curls are not pronounced so it a great time to stretch the hairstyle out for one last day.

What other heat free styles do you guys enjoy?



  1. Your hair looks absolutely lovely!!!

  2. Yayy...Hair diaries. :) Jheeze you haveee such beautiful hair! You know the Motions often do you actually use it?

  3. XD Cutes! Love the first two pictures with the posing hehe! My hair does not hold over night or heatless things...but i think I need to experiment more!

  4. Thanks Melody.

    Elusivebabe, Thanks! I use Motions CPR every other week as a deep conditioner.

    Ri, haha the posing felt so silly, but can't take myself too seriously right :) Have you tried rag curls? I hear they hold better.

  5. Adore the look with the glasses! Very cute!

    Check out my blog some time at!

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  7. Hi Ola: This is one of my favorite articles. I have taught some of my long hair clients who have children and are short on time how to perform this quick four quadrant bantu knot set. They were excited! Thank you for sharing! I think that i am going to repost this article on my blog. Thanks again!

  8. I'm glad you like it & thanks for posting it up on your blog :)


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