Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From the Vault: OOTD

I randomly found this picture on my computer from vacation in Portugal. This was before a VERY long train ride. You can tell I'm excited by the look on my face :/ This is my idea of comfy chic while traveling.

What do you guys wear on long flights/road trips?

Leather Jacket: Marciano
Bag: Roots Woven Leather clutch
Team USA Jersey (Jordan #9): Vintage
Black Moccasins: Aldo



  1. I've never been on flight other than when I came to canada when I was six, and I hardly remember that. Although, I think my only memory of it was when my mum bought me a big bottle of bubble gum to chew on the flight and I chewed every single one of it and went around the plane sticking it around places. Yes, that's really naughty of me...I was a terrible child.

  2. Great jacket! Now following you with GFC :)


  3. Thanks! I love your blog as well x


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