Sunday, November 6, 2011

Outfit of the Day: SUITable Choice

Last Sunday I woke up feeling like a boss. We all have our days, don't act like you don't wake up feeling bossy. I dress depending on my mood so naturally a suit was what I wanted to wear. I paired it with an ankara (African fabric) bow tie because it was International Sunday at my church and I had to represent Nigeria some way!

The weather was beautiful, it seems like lately the sun always comes out on Sunday. I LOVE it.

Reassure me that my 'boss' tendencies are felt by other people as well, does you mood affect your dressing?

I know band-aids come in that 'nude' color but really, they should come in darker tones. Don't they know I like my band-aids well blended in my pictures?!



  1. Dude, how unfair is is that there aren't brown band-aids? I feel your pain, sister. But you look like you are having a ball in those pictures. Loves it!

  2. U look gr8 and yes sometimes I dress according to my mood


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