Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dior Le Vernis: Exquis

My favorite nail polish right now is Dior Le Vernis in the color Exquis. It's the definition of beautiful. Upon first glance it reminded me of Chanel Quartz. But upon second look it's safe to say they are completely different colors. Exquis is an olive green/brown base with gold shimmer running through it. It's unique, not overly-glittery or tacky, and applies opaque in one coat. All these elements make it a keeper. Add to the fact that Dior makes the BEST nail polish brush ever, it's not surprising I've been wearing this non-stop for a month.

This color is set to release in Dior's Holiday 2011 collection.



  1. i actually love that colour... let me just wait for the cheaper version to come out!

    but then again, it may be worth the money if i can get those results in one coat ;)

    noireetmince.blogspot.com x

  2. Jacquie, it's for sure something you can splurge on. It's unique and applies so EASILY. The Dior brush is curved so it applies on the nail bed without getting on your cuticles.

  3. <3 <3 <3

    Running out to purchase today!!!

  4. I love that colour, and it looks good against your skin. I bought a "cheaper alternative from H&M" and the colour was too close to my own skin colour so I looked like I had no nails. eww.
    Strut Mode


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