Thursday, September 22, 2011

Afrobella Brunch Event

Afrobella (Patrice) & I

Over the weekend I took the time out to go to the Afrobella event. Overall it was a great atmosphere, not too large of a crowd, and a great opportunity to meet people interested in natural hair. If you don't know who Afrobella is, go peep her blog here. She is blogger from Chicago who blogs about hair, makeup and all the wonderful stuff I enjoy. You make-up junkies may recognize her from the MAC Cosmetics Bloggers Collection that released earlier in the year.

My beautiful friend

Blogger AJCiti & Afrobella

Lucky girl, won a give-away!

I attended the event with 3 friends, one being AJ who is a fellow blogger.  Patrice worked the room and took time to answer questions and speak with everyone on a individual level. It was like sitting with a good friend, we talked work, makeup, hair, and life (basically all the things that are important to my existence).

Overall I left with a full stomach, satisfied with the great conversation, and my friends left with some give-away prizes. I'm excited to see what else is to come from Afrobella!

P.S. Yes I cut my hair.
P.P.S. Yes I have a new camera, you likey?



  1. Amazing!! Omg! So jealous you got to meet Afrobella!!! How fun!! I already told you I loved your look on twitter didnt I? Woop!


  2. Yes you did my dear & again thank you:) Kiksy I had such a good time, especially since I'm attempting to transition.

  3. Yay!!! New camera = awesomeness!!! :D Love your new hair! <3

  4. Thanks! I'm loving the new camera sooo much.


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