Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 16.

one. If the picture wasn't obvious enough, I now have braids. I love them so far! I did want them longer & I'm afraid the hair dresser took too much off as she was cutting them. My own hair may have been cut off, but we'll see once  I take them out.

two. I'm currently enjoying summer, interning, and life in general. Thus the lack of posts. School starts next month & I'm actually ready to go back.

three. I'm in the market for a new camera, a DSLR to be more specific and I've been looking at the Canon Ti series. Feel free to let me know what you use, or offer advice.

four. I can not wait to start wearing fall fashion. I'm currently loving the varsity trend and deep hues of burgundy, oranges, and yellows (refer back to above pic).

five. I've done some writing for Cosmtics Magazine which is a Canadian industry magazine in the cosmetics world. Take a look if you're interested :)



  1. I'm also hoping to get a new DSLR soon. taking my time though!
    I heard the summer in Tdot is brutal. We haven't had a summer here in Vancouver yet...hopefully the sun comes out soon.

  2. Tinu, let me know what camera you are looking at it always good to get other opinions. Summer here was 'inconsistent' to put it best.

    Dessy, you asked and you received!

  3. Wow, you look incredibly adorable, your naughty expression, so cute! Thank you for the wonderful look, agaood luck with your school,I have been in class for a week:D


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